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IDMAX subwoofers were engineered with the perfect blend of power and grace and are able to reproduce the subtlest of details at even the lowest of frequencies while withstanding extremely high output levels for a total performance that is simply unique. The IDMAX Subwoofer was developed with the sound enthusiast in mind that likes to listen to it clean and loud Creating unmatched levels of sound pressure level while maintaining total tonal control is what sets this subwoofer apart from the rest.


High Excursion Design allows acoustically linear bass output at all rated power levels.


Parabolic Santoprene Surround to ensure cone linearity and control.


Glass Fiber/Pulp Cone for low distortion and natural sound reproduction.


Nomex Spider for consistent control throughout the  piston range and life of the  woofer.


Aluminum Neck Joint allows the  woofer to handle more raw power without any mechanical failure or flex while pulling heat away from the voice coil.


American Made Flat-Wound Extended Voice Coil gives our woofers higher magnetic flux (strength) and more voice coil “traction” in the magnetic gap with over 1.813” of linear travel in the magnetic gap.


Extended Y-35 Motor Structure allows the voice coil to move freely without any mechanical bottoming out while producing a very powerful flux field.


Field Replaceable Cone Assembly can  be changed in 10 minutes with only 16 screws and alignment shims that come with our recone kits.

Image Dynamics ID MAX

Please allow two weeks for processing.
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