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This All-In-One Package eveything you need to upgrade your OEM stereo system while retaining the OEM look & functionality. At the heart of this package is the Digital Signal Processor or DSP with built-in amplifier. Here is where you have full access to the sonic parameters that are fully adjustable for your listening pleasure. With the custom harness and toolkit, this system is designed to be installed or removed in under 20 minutes! You can fine tune the EQ or use our pre-loaded tune that see you getting out of the drive way even faster! The upgraded amplifier extracts even more depth and clarity from the stock speakers, enabling better sound without tearing your doors apart!


Finally, bringing up the rear is your choice of bass reinforcment! At the most budget friendly & space conscious end is the Perfect 6 with 150W of power and only displacing ___cubic feet of trunk room. All the way at the other end, for those that want to rattle thier teeth, we have the Dirty Dozen Pro, our flagship model pumping out over 400W! All of these have been specifically designed to be a "No Cut/No Drill" audio solution for your Electric Vehcile (EV)!

EVA System+

SKU: 0003