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We deliver premium aftermarket car audio solutions for your Electric Vehicle (EV)!

If you desire premium car audio sound without paying for premium trim levels, send us an email using the form below with your make and model of EV!

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EVA System+

The EVA System+ is the premium solution to fully upgrade your car audio experience.  

The core of the EVA System+ is the DSP. This is fed audio via the Interceptor 5000 harness & allows you full access to the sonic spectrum. This brings out the best of your factory speakers, unveiling their true potential. The DSP allows you to fine tune the right bass for your taste!

Rounding out the package is your choice of subwoofer ranging from 6.5" to 12"!

EVA System

The EVA System is the base level solution which has everything you need to fully upgrade your audio experience.  

At the heart is the Interceptor 2500 harness that takes your OEM signal path and inserts an active 4V Line Output Converter to feed your subwoofer its signal.

Rounding out the package is your choice of subwoofer ranging from 6.5" to 12"!

Interceptor 5000

The Interceptor 5000 is the key to unlocking your vehicles aural potential. By intercepting the audio signal & rerouting it to the DSP.


Once you sell or release your vehicle, all you have to do is participate in our UpCycle program, sell us back your old harness in exchange for one that fits your new vehicle! 

This feature makes for an indispensable addition to your lease vehicle!

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